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Thirsty for Eurovision is a celebration of Eurovision music, culture, theatricality, and queerness. Hosts Cody Sisco and Raúl Rojas are thirsty and passionate about the event, fans, creators and major players in this event.

Episode 1

Eurovision 101: How To Be Thirsty

Raul and Cody cover how they became Eurovision Song Contest fans, what makes the music contest so appealing as a platform for queer culture, and why you should be “Thirsty for Eurovision.”

Episode 2

Hunks, Queerness, and Geopolitics: The Appeal Of Eurovision

The hottest hunks of Eurovision over the past ten years are ranked by Cody and Raúl. They share how Eurovision works as a platform for queerness and the geopolitics that come into play across the continent. Raúl also fanboys for Natalie Gordienko who performed for Moldova in 2021 with the longest-held note in the contest’s history.

Episode 3

All Inclusive Eurovision: A Fun Platform For Progressive Culture

Cody and Raúl chat about how Eurovision creates a platform for inclusivity and diversity beyond queerness. They also celebrate sexy 2021 performances by female-identifying artists. Finally, they dive deep into Eurovision lore by examining Charlotte Nielsen/Perelli and Verka Serduchka.

Episode 4

All About Melodifestivalen 2022: An American Guide to the Swedish Song Contest

Raúl and Cody re-cap highlights of Melodifestivalen 2022, including rainbows, horse gods, dubious stage props, and twink realness. They discuss Tone Sekelius, Cazzi Opeia, Cornelia Jakobs, John Lundvik, and more, including reactions to the winning acts and close runners up. Also, they celebrate 3 minutes of Swedish fame from being called out for margaritas and breakfast tacos by the show’s official English commentators.

Episode 5

Peace Peace Love Love from Sweden: pre-Eurovision 2022 Chat with Melodifestivalen’s Bella Qvist and Olivia LePoidevin (episode 5)

Music is a force for reaching across barriers and bringing light to the world. Thirsty for Eurovision co-hosts Raúl Rojas and Cody Sisco chat with Bella Qvist and Olivia LePoidevin, the English-language commentators for the 2022 Swedish song contest, Melodifestivalen. We explore their “Melofest” experiences, their earliest memories of Eurovision, and the songs that will linger long after a winner is announced. This is a celebration of international queer cultural exchange that Eurovision makes possible. Stay tuned to the end for reflections on the American and Canadian song contest and how they measure up on the LGBTQ scale set by Eurovision’s example.